Saturday, February 13, 2010

googles new blog type idea sharing tool

I've played with the new google sharing tool for a few hours now...
So far I'd say it has potential, but still isn't worth using just yet.
It has the ability to pull in posts from other rss type sites which is rather cool.
It is trying to integrate into gmail which has potential, however the integration is pretty poor still.
It has some pretty big security concerns still and is difficult to find exactly what you want when looking through it.
My biggest complaint is the email integration, it floods the gmail inbox with emails that are only half integrated into the sharing tool, they allow comments and moderation to be performed from them, however archiving and deletion have no effect on the sharing tool post itself. It's like a separate copy of the post was sent to gmail that has shortcuts in it to perform some of the convenience actions. This is a problem for me because the big thing I like about google is centralization, having two copies of a post sent to me seems to make management more difficult and just creates clutter.

Edit: this post is getting spammed a lot so I am trying to reword it to cut down on spam.

Friday, February 12, 2010

google docs

Google docs recently came out with a new feature that I have been waiting for for awhile. It now allows you to add all types of files, not just those supported by docs themselves. This is great in that now I have one central place to save all my most important documents.

Unfortunately storage is still limited to 1GB so I still use for longer term storage of documents that I need to save but might not need to access quite as frequently. Skydrive is pretty week on features still, but it offers more storage than any other free service I have found.