Sunday, August 15, 2010

Google Chrome Incognito Doesn't load GMail

I just had an interesting issue.
for some reason gmail stopped working in google chrome. It still worked great in the regular browser, but as soon as I went incognito I would get a blank screen.

I found the answer at the linked google forum site. It was very basic and something I would expect and try instantly in Internet Explorer, but I have never had the issue in Chrome. Turns out all I needed to do was clear the browsing history and cache. A simple fix and I am glad that was all it turned out to be, at the same time that's a trick that IE pulls; Chrome is supposed to be better than that. However, that is the first time ever that I have had that issue, hopefully it doesn't become a habit of it.

Edit: apparently that only fixed the issue for a short period. A few minutes later it started having the issue again and I have been unable to get it fixed.

Edit2: well what do you know, a few days later it just started working again. Apparently google worked out the issue and sent out an update. It's good to know they are still working on it. I love this browser.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chrome Extensions

Well finally, after all this waiting, Google Chrome finally has official extensions.
Some of us have played around with the unofficial things which have been ok, but not so easy to use; however now we get the official integration and it sure is slick.

They seem to have a pretty good range of diversity as well. The two that I have settled on using right now are the google voice and gmail as default mail client extensions. There seem to be a few great ones for web developers as well to bring up to speed with the development helpfulness of firefox.

So far my limited experience with them has been really good. While the helpfulness of any given extension depends on its developer, the interface to use them seems almost perfect. They have a very fast download time, almost instantaneous install and uninstall, and so far have been unimposing and have not seems to affect my browser speed.