Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Microsoft Access version of Coalesce

Ever need to use Access for something only to learn that the handy coalesce function doesn't exist?

Turns out Access has a function by a different name that performs a similar though slightly more limited function.
Syntax: Nz(value, valueifnull)

Read about it here.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nasty experience with Zen Player

My wife recently purchased herself a zen player; I had heard good things about them over the brand name IPod.

After she spent an hour trying to make the computer software work with it she asked me to help. I verified that our computer and software met all the specs it wanted and that she had done the install correctly, but it still wouldn't work. Turns out their software doesn't do all that good of a job installing itself. Fortunately someone was nice enough to make a patch kit for the thing which I found and ran fixing the issue.

For those looking for the patch kit it can be found here:

Just download the zip file, extract it and run the cmd file. The thread that lead me to the download is linked to in the header of this post.