Monday, January 12, 2009

Copy and Paste from Excel to MS Access says corrupt clipboard

I was trying to copy a massive amount of information from MS Excel 2007 to MS Access 2007.

After going through all the standard troubleshooting like rebooting and making sure all versions were compatible, I mentioned the issue to my co-worker.  Fortunately for me my co-worker had already experience and spent time figuring out the issue; when I heard what the problem was I was glad he was the one who did the leg work figuring it out.  I didn't do that much work with Excel and Access so I wasn't sure when the problem had begun.

Turns out a relatively recent Microsoft Excel security update ( KB958437)  was the culprit.  As soon as I got that uninstalled copy and paste between the two apps started working again.


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  2. My problem was a little different, but if I have a corrupted file I'll keep the site in mind.

    The site does seem a little suspicious though, it feels to simple for a site hosting such complex tools. I could find anything bad about it with a quick Google, if anyone else has experience with it please post your findings.

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