Saturday, December 3, 2011

Logitech USB Headset Low Volume

My mother was having problems with her Logitech USB headset, we would be chatting and she was having trouble hearing me.  It took a little while but she finally came across a rather unique solution on the Internet.

A few days later she lost the ability to use her headset at all, I couldn't even hear her.  After some basic troubleshooting I suggested that she try restoring her computer to date prior in which it worked.  This worked and I was once again able to hear her, however she was no longer able to hear me very well.  I looked through my email and found the solution she used once before and using that she made adjustments to her volume until things worked normally again.

She then had a feedback problem which she used a prior blog post of mine which talked about muting the microphone to fix.

I don't know where on the Internet she got the following quote, if anyone knows let me know so I can give credit to the original poster.
I have a logitech usb 250 headset that suddenly one day the volume was verly low on the headset. Have tried and searched for a solution but nothing worked. Today i found a solution that worked for me.

Try this:
1. Open control panel
2. Open sound/playback devices
3. Select Logitech USB Headset, and click on the Properties
4. Opel Levels tab, and click on Balance button
5. Slide one of the sliders so that the values are different, for example top at 100, and bottom at 99
I agree with the original poster that this is a very strange solution, but it work.  I hope this helps someone with their own issues, and hopefully Logitech will come out with an updated driver that solves these issues.

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