Friday, February 3, 2012

Google Voice and Secondary IPs

Have you ever had a problem getting your google voice and video to work?  Perhaps you can make the call but the other side can't see you, or you can try videoing but you can't see each others video feeds.

So far I have found two things to try to fix this issue.  One is a definite issue, the other is a suspected issue.

First, the definite issue:
If you add a secondary IP address to your computer ( I was using to connect to a secondary private device ), then it causes this issue.  Remove the secondary ip and your problem should be resolved.

Second, the suspected issue:
I was putting off running my windows updates which had been downloaded and were waiting to be installed.  I did try restarting my computer during the troubleshooting.  After fighting with the Google voice issue for awhile I installed the updates and restarted fixing the issue.  This particular problem was more likely an issue specific to one of the updates that was installed rather than an issue with the Microsoft update service itself.

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