Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Open Cart upgrade

During a site upgrade of Open Cart from version 4 to version 6 I ran into some problems.  There were of course the normal issues going between two major versions, but I was finally able to overcome those by upgrading first to version 1.4, then to 2.0.

However, I ran into two unexpected issues after successfully reaching version 6.  The first: I was trying to install the pavilion theme and kept running into odd errors.  I was able to resolve these by upgrading to the latest version of the pavilion theme, apparently pavilion does not have its supported version numbers quite up-to-date yet.

The second issue was an unexplained javascript error "Unexpected end of input OK".  I scoured the web, and tried every known fix out there, but none of them worked.  Finally a post here gave me the needed suggestion to turn on error displaying, which is a setting found in the store settings.  Once that was turned on I got an error written to the screen that made a lot more sense and told me I had forgotten to include a new constant variable in the config file.  I fixed that and everything was working good again.

Note: in the settings table is a new category type column called code I believe.  This new column needs to be updated with the values from the old column, none of the upgrade scripts do this.


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  2. Hi Meg, you got the right Guenther. Could you contact us through our family tree website? https://sites.google.com/site/guentherfamilyhistory/ We would love to verify our information and correct it if it is wrong.


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