Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WanCam wireless camera HW0036

I made a mistake in getting this camera.  Despite it having the features it advertised, this camera is missing an RJ45 jack.  For security reasons I never buy a camera without a wired connection.

This camera does work correctly, however they made a couple of annoying design decisions when making this model.  First, the http port by default is 81 rather than the standard 80.  Second they also deviated from the standard OnVif ports and choose to use 10080 for this service; and it is not configurable.

It does not support https, which I consider a negative, although not horrible as I rarely use the web interface once configured.

Fortunately you can change the http port, and you can change the default password.  The camera works very well with Milestone.  As long as you only want wireless then this is a good camera, however because of that reason I would never recommend, or purchase another one.

EDIT: Within a week of owning this camera it began to have issues turning on.  A few days later the problem was so bad the camera no longer functioned.  It is possible that I simply got a lemon, or this particular model has a bad design flaw.  I was able to get a partial refund, threw the camera away, and will never get another of this model.

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