Thursday, September 13, 2007

Publish WebSite - precompiled

ASP.NET Deployment Tool

An avanced and robust Deployment Tool for precompiling your ASP.NET Websites! Pre-Compilation gives your site a performance boost and secures it. Precompile and deploy your Website for speed improvements and security, specific Error Panel, FTP Support, Deploy to Network, Merge Assemblies, easy to use.
A free addon type utility that can be used to precompile a .net website. Basically it compiles all the aspx and dll code into what the webserver typically does on first site access. The two benefits of this are: 1. no code aspx or cs is visible 2. website first load doesn't have any extra overhead downsides are: 1. the site has to be recompiled for any change 2. there are no relative paths anymore so moving the site or changing its directory could have disasterous results.
Microsoft has a built-in tool which has almost as many features as this tool, the big difference is that theirs doesn't come with the free edition of visual studio.

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