Friday, September 28, 2007

using .resx files to localize web applications

How to use application resource files (.resx) to efficiently... You can use application resource files (.resx) to efficiently create a localizable Microsoft ASP.NET Web application. By using resource files, you can store localized values for controls. The localized values are based on a user’s language and culture. When you store localized values in resource files, ASP.NET can select the appropriate value at run time. ----------------------- This page describes how to create a localized resx file in Visual Studio.NET. essentially after the first resx default file is created you just copy it and insert an extension for the language code you are looking to support, make sure localization is turned on in your app and .net handles the rest.


  1. Jereme, if you need a tool to easily manage the translation of resx files, I recommend you have a look at the localization app
    It's very useful for automating the workflow, for working collaboratively, and for crowdsourcing translations.

  2. That site looks interesting. Most of my work these days has moved into the database and away from flat files. I usually work with corporate translators whenever I need a new translation. However, this site looks like it could provide a decent translation at a reasonable price for a small business.

    To anyone reading my blog, I believe the above post is actually spam, however the site it links to seems legit and useable for some peoples needs.

  3. Hopefully a useful piece of spam, then :)

  4. Lol, indeed. summ3r you should fill out your profile. Whenever I see product advertisements on my blog I look at the persons profile to help determine if they are legit or not. Your completely blank profile is what led me to conclude that it was most likely to be spam.


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